craneNothing But Truth® was born out of my desire to acknowledge the greatness of America as well as my frustration and disappointment with the media's inability to tell the whole story. The mainstream media's shortcomings do not emanate solely from their liberal bias (though that is evident);  it is also in their seemingly elitist, disrespectful portrayal of traditional Americans. People from the South and greater Midwest (think Red states) who celebrate their faith  and traditional values are assaulted daily with a barrage of half-truths and outright lies from media luminaries and "Progressive" politicians. These dishonest attacks undermine the very founding principles of America. This is not hyperbole; it is the truth. Just look at the perpetuation of the welfare state, the attack on the traditional family and the government's economic onslaught on small business owners through repressive taxation.

It would be sanctimonious blather to say that Crane Durham's Nothing But Truth® will right the media's wrongs. Look, Nothing But Truth®'s first job is to entertain the listener.  That job is accomplished through sincere, honest, heartfelt commentary from yours truly. Yeah, I believe in what I say; this is not an act. So, how do you get to the truth?

Nothing But Truth® tells the whole story recognizing that the truth is not the endorsement of a particular ideology. It is all about being contextually/historically honest and letting the chips fall where they may. Whether that affirms or condemns a particular ideology is up to you (the audience). The responsibility to tell the whole story and trust the audience is not always the easiest (especially when it highlights the host's many shortcoming and past mistakes) or most expedient manner of reporting. However, it is the best way to go about discovering the truth. That is why people of all philosophies are welcome in the arena. Just remember that the arena is a place where you have to back up what you believe in with facts, not simple, raw emotion.

Media is in transition and Nothing But Truth® is a burgeoning force that will conquer all forms because inevitably, people want the truth. Thank you for taking the time to discover the truth.

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